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creative documentary film

by Laurian Ghinitoiu and Arata Mori 

The documentary follows the remarkable journey of 30,000 tons of marble, extracted from a Portuguese quarry, processed in four factories around the European continent, and intricately transformed into the translucent façade of the Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center’s site in New York City. Highlighting the human and industrial processes across various geographies, it investigates the interconnected elements, including socio-political contexts and environmental questions, that shape architectural creation. Serving as a neutral lens, the film positions the marble as the protagonist and invites viewers to reflect on the transformative journey from a raw, anonymous block to a meticulously crafted building.

ADFF: Architecture & Design Film Festival Official Competition 2023

Production Year | 2023

Format | Digital HD, DCP

Sound | Dolby Surround 5.1

Length | 45 mins

Director | Laurian Ghinitoiu and Arata Mori

Producer | Laurian Ghinitoiu 

Music | Yu Miyashita

Sound Design | Rob Walker

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