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"EDAMAME" (2015) 3 minutes digest version
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short fiction film

by Arata Mori and Timo Behnke

HD / 9:43 / Berlin


A female scientist is working alone in an isolated laboratory. Her research is on the newly discovered mysterious plant, Edamame. One day, when the scientist's anger against the male-dominated working environment explodes, she and the plant fuse into one.


| Shino Nagata 

Scientist on TV | Ikko Masuda 

Politician on TV | Ben Shiomaki 

Moderator on TV | Arata Mori

Man on the Phone | Claudius Von Stolzmann



Director, Producer, Writer | Arata Mori and Timo Behnke 

DOP | Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese 

Associate Producer | Brian Pertti 

Editor | Arata Mori 

Set Designer | Louise Pons and Zoe Lheureux 

Camera Assistant | Jose Manuel Montilla and Evangelia Kanteraki 

Make-up Artist | Nomin Uranchimeg 

Boom Operator | Sabina Kaczmarczyk 

Set Manager | Santiago Echeverri 

Sound Designer and Mixing | Jacopo Vannini 

Music | Schneider TM

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