camino negro


short experimental film

by Arata Mori

HD / 14:53 / London

The experimental film on a black and white canvas is a piece of work with the mixed facet of dance, poem, literature and philosophy. It deals with the notion of repetition, tells a story about the repetitive and circulating dream of an eccentric nomad who travels back and forth inside his inner world.   


Director, Producer, Editor, Writer | Arata Mori 

Director of Photography | Maria Guerberof 

Assistant Director | Joseph Evans 

Sound | Yuzuru Todayama 

Music | Huun Huur Tu

Cast | Arata Mori, Florencia Guerberof, Carmen Castro, Marcelo Guerberof


Official Selection:

Short Film Corner of Cannes Film festival 2013

FEST New Directors / New Films Festival 2013 

Alternative Film and Video Festival Belgrade 2014

MAIN FILM (14:53)