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"Nothing Is Certain But White" (2014) A Short Film by Arata Mori
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nothing is certain but white


short fiction film

by Arata Mori

HD / 8:21 / Berlin

A woman is sitting on the seat in a cinema. Her conversation with the "Screen" is taken into her deeper mind and the abstract.


Woman, Woman's Voice | Caro Bruchmann 

Screen's Voice | Philippe Brenninkmeyer


Director, Producer, Editor | Arata Mori 

DOP | Caleb Shoop 

Gaffer | Fábio Mota 

Best Boy | Masa Zia Lenardic

Makeup Artist | Tobey Sties 

Music | Valentin von Lindenau (Kling Klang Klong) 

Sound Engineer | Guy James Cohen (James Studio) 

Co-Producer | Torsten Dorow (Filmrauschpalast)

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