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Rooftop Runners - Underground (Official)
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music video

rooftop runners


HD / 2:43 / Berlin

music video - ROOFTOP RUNNERS


Director / Producer: Arata Mori 

Director of Photography: Fábio Mota 

Editor: Arata Mori, Fábio Mota 

Art Director:Liav Gabay 

1st Assistant Director: Jose Manuel Motilla 

2nd Assistant Director: Marco Scarabelli 

Camera Assistant:Caleb Shoop 

Production Assistant: Sabina Kaczmarczyk 

Costume Designer: Daphna Munz 

Catering: Megumi Motowaki 

Actor: Gernot Edelmann 

Actress: Lea Maria Kruse

Published on Vice Online Magazine NOISY

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