Arata Mori is a Berlin-based Japanese Filmmaker and Video Artist.

He lives and works in Berlin, since 2013, after having graduated in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. His creative practice crosses over the fields of filmmaking, dance-theatre, architecture and visual arts.

In his work, Arata Mori focuses on the concepts such as the relation of Body and Image and the relation of Body and Thing by means of film, that is related to time and non-material. Body, by which he means, is the body that sometimes becomes fluidized and changes its form, or sometimes becomes materialized. The body, then, weaves an image as if a silkworm spins a thread only to be imprisoned in the image, in which it has woven by itself. Our society, as McLuhan suggested in his media theory, consists of image which is the extension of our body. But in this contemporary world, Image is not only the extension of Body, but Body has become a part of it and we have become Image itself, only without our body. In the same manner that a part of human body gets crystalized in the science fiction novel of J.G.Ballard “The Crystal World”, our body gets transformed into a crystal called Image.


He often collaborates with artists, filmmakers, dancers, musicians and photographers including Yuko Kaseki, Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM), Andreas Hartmann, Laurian Ghinitoiu and Yu Miyashita.



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